Sydney Lau
About Sydney

Sydney Lau is a Nashville based vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. Raised at an upright piano against the backdrop of the South Carolina mountains, Sydney has been creating music and drawing inspiration from the world around her for as long as she can remember. Her passion for music led her to pursue collegiate study, where she simultaneously broadened her knowledge of the art and gained a reputation as a strong, dynamic performer. At the completion of her studies, Sydney moved to the music capital of the world to fully immerse herself in all aspects of her craft. Sydney’s strong production ability, powerhouse vocals and exceptionally thoughtful touch at the piano make for a powerful and creative musical force. Her music is a lush landscape of pop atmosphere blended with sweeping cinematic instrumentals inspired by her love of film scores. She effortlessly blends modern pop with meticulously crafted instrumental landscapes to create a rich musical experience that is unique to her as an artist.