02 - YBFFB Artist Shot
Your Best Friend’s Favorite Band
About Your Best Friend's Favorite Band

Born in a fluorescent paint explosion, YOUR BEST FRIEND’S FAVORITE BAND is here to inspire joy- even when the song is sad. By combining the sonic palette of alternative rock, the rawness of a thoughtful songwriter, and the vocal fusion of the best of pop-rock groups, YBFFB performs foot tapping, hip shaking songs that will get you partying with that warm nostalgic feeling you never knew you craved. 
 HOW TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU is the most vulnerable song YBFFB has ever written. He wrote it as a love letter to his mom, who tragically passed away two years ago. This song is a reflection of the grieving process, specifically, the initial denial and anger. When she passed away, YBFFB knew there was going to have to be a way to persevere, but life without her was unclear. 
 YOUR BEST FRIEND’S FAVORITE BAND loves music a lot, but it’s only a platform. The belief is that we live to make the world a better place for those we love and those to come. YBFFB is a message of kindness, empathy, and joy. The ultimate desire is to make you smile. So enjoy & have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE 😉