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Kolby Knickerbocker
About Kolby

My music is simple, but powerful. Soulful-folk would be a start, but that doesn’t quite capture the essence of my music; there has to be heart, and lots of it. It took me a while to really start owning my musical talents. I always thought people were just being nice with handy compliments. Then I started recording and putting music out there and total strangers were like, ‘This music is really beautiful.’ I think that’s when I started to believe I was good; when total strangers started to connect with my music and tell me how it helped them through a hard time in life.

I started my professional musical career early on, releasing my first album with Kitty’s Musicbox (2004) as a sophomore in college. I’ve since released an additional full-length album Red Dust (2015) and two EPs, Rodello’s Machine and Animus (2012 and 2016), with Nate Donnis of Rodello’s Machine. In 2019, I claimed my solo project and it’s been upward since then.

The emotional vulnerability in my music has landed me spots in various TV and film placements across the globe. My music has been featured in television shows like MTV’s Degrassi High, 90210, Heart Signal, Barely Breathing, many independent films, and has been featured in Spotify’s “Top” editorial playlists.

Growing into life has taught me that time, family, and love are what’s important. My debut solo EP, Kindness Courage (2019), met with critical acclaim and fan praise. This EP wove between timeless messages of kindness and strength left for my unborn daughter (“Kindness Courage”) and dedication to my wife and family (“Promise”). Both of these tracks set my foundation for a strong fan base and fueled my future releases.

I think my kids and my family will be an inspiration for me for many years to come. I tell my wife that I’d love to write a sweet “Justin Timberlake” style dance track, but they just don’t come to me. Sweet tender love songs are my jam and I’m okay with that.