Michael's EP shoot-55
Michael McQuaid
About Michael

A heartbreak kid rooted with a voice of pain and grit, Michael McQuaid is a Dallas native making a name for himself in Nashville. His sound infuses a clash of blues, soul and heart stopping beats to cultivate a new class of R&B. He deviates from his peers with his innate ability to harmonize the use of production and organic instruments. 
 McQuaid’s independently released single, “VIBES” received radio play due to its popular demand. His infectious style gained him traction all over the U.S. and U.K, leading him as a featured artist at SXSW – making one thing clear, his live shows are as dangerously contagious as his melodies. Currently in the process of taking his brand of sound to the next level, McQuaid is building on future endeavors by teaming up with Nashville’s top writers and producers.