Brian Ritchey
About Brian

Brian Ritchey is a Nashville based singer/songwriter. He has released Five albums to critical acclaim.

The Brian Ritchey EP is an alt-country record drawing comparisons to acts such as Gram Parsons, Neil Young, Ryan Adams, The Jayhawks, Nick Drake, Tom Petty and more.

His sophomore effort, If I Were a Painter, is a melting pot of garage rock, alt-country and classic singer/songwriter genres. The Tennessean proclaimed that “BRIAN RITCHEY’S GARAGE ROCK IS REAL!” while also drawing comparisons to indie rock darlings WILCO.

No Way Out of this House, released in November of 2010, is a concept album that found Brian eager to abandon his alt-country roots, if only for one album. The album, filled with muddy guitars, lush string arrangements and dramatic vocals, drew heavily from singer/songwriter influences such as Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Neil Young. The new album led to some complimentary reviews by music critics. Gianfranco Callieri wrote that “No Way Out Of This House shows both (Robert) Altman’s narrative smartness along with (Bob) Rafelson’s fragmented melancholy. It’s similar to a musical rendition of the themes Paul Thomas Anderson (one of the preeminent voices of New Hollywood) dealt with in Magnolia.”

His side project, Korean Is Asian was released on March 5th, 2011. The album landed the band a spot on the critically acclaimed Daytrotter Sessions.

In 2011 Ritchey also received the title track placement on a Rolling Stones tribute album released on May 17th, by indie label Reimagine Music. Paint It Black: An Alt-Country Tribute to the Rolling Stones found Brian performing alongside alt-country icons Cowboy Junkies, Blue Mountain and more.

His 5th and most recent release, Bordeaux, was released in October of 2015 via Barrelmaker Records and received some significant praise. NO COUNTRY FOR NEW NASHVILLE stated that, “The newest release, Bordeaux, features some serious consideration for songwriting honors of the year.”