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Tricia Brock’s journey may not have been planned, but it has always been guided.

Raised in a Christian home, Tricia and her sister Melissa experienced their share ofstruggles and normal girl insecurities while growing up and into their teenageyears.  After meeting Max Hsu at a concert in 1997, the three shared their desires towork with and inspire young girls struggling with the feelings of depression andinsecurities that they shared. This dream was brought into fruition and Superchickwas formed.  Six albums, twelve years and a GRAMMY nomination later, Tricia Brock– an ordinary person made well-known by her faithful use of a God-given gift formusic – has become a role model to hundreds of thousands.

Now focusing on her solo career, Tricia wants to sing songs that resonate with anyone who needs healing, longs with a passion for justice,an authenticity of faith or a restructuring of a heart’s foundation.