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Vaden Todd Lewis – vocals, guitar Clark Vogeler –guitar Mark Reznicek – drums Doni Blair – bass Stepping outside one’s self—having an out-of-body experience. Taking something apart—a human, say—and putting it back together. Chilling thoughts, both. Some artists regard their songs as their children, so when Toadies frontman Vaden Todd Lewis talks of “deconstructing and reconstructing” Toadies tunes, it’s extra creepy. Yet for over 25 years, that’s just what The Toadies have done, turned the weird tale into an art form. They are masters of eerie, downright evil, tunes—that rock. So what happens when you recontextualize the songs? Suppose you wanna “take it down a notch,” as they say? See how they sound without amplification, with Lewis’s impassioned caterwauling dialed back... and with electric piana? In calling their new album Heretics, the Toadies acknowledge they’re messing with something that ain’t broke. But they know they have the luxury of a very accepting fan base—the kind that followed them through a quarter-century that included tough times as well as figurative and literal near-death experiences. They’re attentive, willing to roll with some changes. A national Heretics tour will kick off this Fall starting off with a round of Texas dancehall dates including shows at the legendary Gruene Hall and Luckenbach Dancehall.