Rebecca Roubion


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Raised in the Heart of Dixie, the Mobile native is more than a pretty face with a song. She colors just outside the lines, with all of the intentionality and longing of a siren at sea. Whether it's the carefully-crafted stories, the syrupy-sweet thickness of her voice, or the agility with which she delivers each line, you’re spellbound.  You’ll succumb, and you won’t even have a say in the matter.

A child of the bay, Roubion’s distinct creole roots are a product of her time spent in Mobile, New Orleans and Baton Rouge.  Carol King and Eva Cassidy were anything but strangers growing up, and while she borrows from these soulful matriarchs of yore, there’s something fresh and enticing about her interpretation of folk-infused indie-pop.

Roubion moved to Nashville, TN in 2010, and her short venture in Music City has resulted in the release of her duet of debut concept EPs, “Fields” (2012) and “Forests” (2013).  Her 2014 single “Break”, was featured on Nashville’s Indie Spotlight as well as Fox’s TV show “Bones”, all quickly followed up with the single “What Love Looks Like,”  as heard on the 2015 season finale of ABC's "Pretty Little Liars."