Mighty Wyte
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Mighty Wyte


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With credits spanning award-winning films, major television series, record-setting video games, and major advertising campaigns, Mighty Wyte certainly enjoys his work. Mighty bought his first guitar with grass cutting earnings when he was twelve. He enjoyed playing and writing music but always thought of it as a hobby. After taking some elective college courses focused on music technology, Mighty realized that musical freedom wasn’t just for bands of talented musicians. Computers were beginning to replace large studios and access to production tools had changed. After a charged conversation with his parents about a change in major, he was soon spending his school time in recording studios and at creation stations. Fast forward three years and Mighty was offered a job as an assistant recording engineer after graduation. While working a second job during the mornings, evenings were spent learning and honing new skills in the basement of a modern recording facility. After building a project studio at home, Mighty began taking jobs building drum kits and loop sets for several major sound distributors. New relationships were built, friends and contacts were developed and before long Mighty was writing music full time. Since 2009 Mighty has contributed music to dozens of TV shows, movies, video games and commercials. He has also maintained production and engineering services in local area and contributes to other artist’s projects regularly.