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Lydia Luce


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Lydia Luce was born into a musical family, her mother, a gifted organ and piano player, and her brother, a cellist. Luce’s first instrument was viola, and by age 13 she was performing in her mother’s orchestra. Her debut full-length album Azalea, produced by Jordan Lehning and Skylar Wilson, combines her classical training with Americana and Folk influences for a collection that feels authentic and comfortable in a way that only lifelong talent can create. As a Berklee College of Music graduate who later received a Masters Degree from UCLA in viola performance, Luce’s songs from her debut album are, “carefully composed without the sort of pomp that we may have come to expect from classically-trained performers from musical families. Luce forgoes the usual pageantry for something organic and unique that comes from the heart,” Popmatters notes.

With this compilation of songs born from a collaboration in Nashville, TN, Luce was able to combine what she knew about instrumentation with the fruits of new self-discoveries. Luce says, “Playing strings has been a huge part of my life. On this album, I got to record viola and guitar on my tunes with people that I truly admire. I’m very proud of what we’ve created." As she continues to write and record, her Spotify streams are climbing to over 18 million and counting, with plans to release an Azalea EP of instrumental and live versions on May 24th of this year.