The Impressions

The Impressions’ “People Get Ready” debuted at an important moment in the civil-rights movement, and touched musicians in all genres, awakening in them a greater purpose.

The Impressions have sold over 60 million records over the years and throughout the world. [Eric Clapton Reptile]

The Impressions have toured with artist such as the great Eric Clapton as well as having the pleasure of recording an album with him called Reptile.

The Impressions are thrilled to have played at Carnage Hall in New York with such names as; Elton John, Sting, James Taylor, Tom Jones, Ricky Martin, Gladys knight and Stevie Wonder. At the end of the show everyone closed with the Impression’s song Amen.

The Impressions were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991 and also into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2004. The Impressions were also honored at The Rhythm and Blues Foundation with a Pioneer Award and so many more honors that we can’t list them all.

The Impressions are proud of the music they’ve recorded over the years including hit songs like; Keep On Pushing, We’re A Winner, Choice of Colors, This is My Country, Mighty Mighty Spade and Whitey, and the great People Get Ready. These’s songs have played a big part in the Civil Rights Movement as well as with Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision during that time.

The Impressions were proud to have been a part of the movie Three The Hard Way, they also performed the title soundtrack to the movie starring NFL’s Jim Brown and Fred Williamson. The Impressions also had a feature part in the movie thanks to their good friend Jim Brown.

In closing The Impressions have been Musical Ambassadors and Advocates for love, peace and justice for all people. Fred Cash and Sam Gooden consider it an honor that the song’s they’ve recorded along with Curtis Mayfield have had such a great impact on the world, thanks to our fans!