Heather Bond


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Meet Heather Bond, Nashville's piano–pop starlet, whose pure, ethereal voice is taking music to new heights. Heather’s heartfelt lyrical honesty pushes the boundaries of traditional songwriting, while her melodic genius redefines the notion altogether. Bond's musical benevolence leaves everything on the table and forges deep, lasting connections between her and the listener. A classically trained pianist, Heather fell in love with performing at an early age and soon discovered her passion for songwriting. She recorded and released her “Walk Alone” EP shortly after moving to Nashville and began to make a name for herself in the Music City and during tours across the country. Bond recently released her dynamic debut album “So Long” (September 2015), which was produced by GRAMMY award winner Matthew Odmark. The album quickly grabbed the attention from members of the musical press such as the “Nashville Scene,” which proclaimed: “The perspective is fresh, with Bond's cool, controlled voice sailing along over arrangements that make judicious use of rich strings that play an impressive variety of roles across the album.”

When Heather isn't recording or touring, she spends her days collaborating with songwriters and exploring new ways to grow her craft. Captivating listeners with music from the heart and keeping the masses yearning for more, Heather Bond is an artist you need to know.