Dan Kircher


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Dan Kircher has been a freelance music producer in Toronto for the past 13 years. A Harris Institute for the Arts Music and Production grad, Dan is well versed in music engineering, writing and producing. Dan had his start many years ago as a drummer in high school bands. Trading in his drums for a drum machine as the whole ‘rave’ seen took shape Dan became a DJ and started producing electronic tracks. As the years went on he furthered his knowledge in many more genres of popular music and became very adept at quickly churning out music on demand in just about any contemporary style.

Dan currently runs SoundVisionStudios where he regularly wears all 3 hats of musician, engineer, and producer.

Having worked with most of the major production houses in Toronto Dan has a lot of experience in writing music for film and TV. With numerous national add spots Dan is a seasoned veteran of music in advertising. He has also had many song placements on both American and Canadian networks. Dan writes and cowrites for a few LA Publishing companies that also pitch his music worldwide. He has worked with artists receiving radio airplay both in the US and in Canada. Dan has also produced 3 Children's albums.

As a seasoned vet of the biz, Dan is a valuable asset to any creative teem. With his vast knowledge and understanding of many styles and genres of music, Dan is always eager and efficient at delivering top quality music.