The Boom Boom Box

The Boom Boom Box


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There's strength in The Boom Boom Box's (name taken from Echo and the Bunnymen track "Heaven Up Here") numbers – and not just in the Dallas band's talented roster of eight performers, each of whom contributes intricately to the band's crushing wall of sound. No, the true, almost overwhelming power at play with this outfit comes elsewhere, in the form of the band's second and very much intended, "boom." It's here, in this subsequent wallop, where the crux of the band's true clout comes into play. It's the idea that there is more to the final equation than initially expected; that, after withstanding the band's initial sonic slap to your face, the best move is to immediately prepare for another, more dominant surge.

Indeed, dominance is something with which The Boom Boom Box's members are well familiar. Drawn from some of Dallas' greatest bands (Baboon, Sarah Jaffe, Pleasant Grove, Pinkston, Falkon, Ghostcar and more) The Boom Boom Box and its players rise anew with Until Your Eyes Get Used to the Darkness, their first full length release. It's a focused, tightly wound effort – one that teases a fatal unraveling but craftily avoids such fate. Produced in the summer of 2011 by John Congleton (St. Vincent, The Walkmen, Explosions in the Sky), the album builds upon the solid foundation of the band's 2008, self-titled debut EP to reveal a band inspired with uncompromising ambition.

Right at the onset of this latest batch of dynamic and heady psychedelic rock, The Boom Boom Box makes their impassioned introduction: "Oh, can you feel?" vocalist Andrew Huffstetler asks his band's audience with a sneer in the chorus of the album's lead-off track, "White Chocolate." It's almost as if he's chiding the listener, as if he and his muscular backing players are mocking those who can't handle Until Your Eyes Get Used to the Darkness' incessant offering. It's a staunch, with-us-or-against-us declaration, a call to quit stalling and to – finally – pick a team.

Pity upon those who don't choose The Boom Boom Box's side. BOOM!